Things  do Jigsaw Puzzles


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It’s Friday evening, a busy night in the fish and chip shop, customers are waiting to be served by the friendly staff. Fish, sausages and burgers are regular favourites, but what else is ‘frying tonight’? Imagine you are the fish in the display case on the wall. What he can see – the backs of the staff and the happenings in the other part of the shop - is the scene that you will be puzzling.
20 Fishy Business Original - Wasgij
It’s a glorious summer’s day and families and friends are making the most of it by bundling in the car and heading somewhere nice for the weekend. But as we all know – weekend traffic can often cause severe delays on the motorways with everyone wanting to get to their destination as soon as possible and are certainly not planning on any unexpected breaks in their journey. But what has caused such a huge delay on this motorway and got all the drivers and passengers in a stir? Imagine you are the bird that is flying over the traffic and looking so beak-smacked and try to imagine what it is looking at – that is what you are puzzling
Wasgij 19 Cone-Gestion
At the local Ballroom the floor is heating up as the competition is being narrowed down to whose ‘Hot’ and whose ‘Not’. The Grand Dance Competition is the event of the dancing season but a couple have brought the hall to a stand still and a full host of expressions are painted across the room like a run away Waltz. One judge has given their Tango a 10/10 but another has fainted in disbelief - but what’s making this tango a fiasco. Put yourself in the prime position of the gentlemen behind the dancing pair who seems to be a little hot under the collar and try to imagination what has stunned the floor with their routine – that is what you are puzzling
Wasgij 17 Ballroom Blushes
It’s that time of year again when spring cleaning is top of the family list of ‘Things to do together!’, and the feeling you get when it is done and the house is sparkling clean is something of fantasy at the start of it. As the cleaning continues, Dad thinks it’s time for a well-earned break and prepares the drinks tray…but what could possibly go wrong?
Wasgij 10 Spring has Sprung
The image on the box depicts a beautiful steam train that has just pulled up to the station platform to welcome its boarding passengers. In the background the people of this quiet countryside village are going about their daily routine with no sign of a rush. But if we took a look at this image 60 years on – in the modern day, what would we expect to see?
Wasgij 13 Commuting Chaos